Dosso Dossı Leading Wholesale Clothing and Shoe Company

Client: Dosso Dossi – Leading Wholesale Clothing and Shoe Company
Sector: Textile
Services: Multilingual SEO
Objective: Increase Organic traffic and ROAS for PPC
Timeline: 16 weeks
Outcomes: The organic website traffic increased by 75%


1- Increase organic search visibility for relevant keywords related to wholesale clothing and shoes.
2- Drive qualified traffic to the website and improve the overall conversion rate.
3- Enhance brand awareness and expand’s reach in the target markets.

SEO Strategy:
This case study delves into a real-life scenario where a multinational company successfully implemented a multilingual SEO strategy to expand its online presence and drive organic traffic from international markets. By targeting multiple languages, the company witnessed a substantial increase in website visibility, user engagement, and conversion rates. This case study provides valuable insights and actionable steps for businesses looking to tap into global markets through effective multilingual SEO.

1. Introduction: In an increasingly interconnected world, expanding businesses to international markets has become essential for growth and success. One critical aspect of global expansion is developing an effective multilingual SEO strategy to optimize website visibility and capture organic traffic from diverse linguistic audiences.

2. Client Background: Our client, (link verelim), is a leading wholesale clothing and shoe company specializing in textile. With a strong presence in their domestic market, aimed to penetrate international markets and establish itself as a global brand. To achieve this, they engaged our SEO services to create a multilingual SEO campaign targeting key regions.

3. Research and Analysis: Our initial research involved identifying target regions and languages that aligned with’s expansion goals. We conducted keyword research, competitor analysis, and market trends analysis for each target language to identify relevant keywords and SEO opportunities. This research helped us create a comprehensive strategy for each language-specific campaign.

4. Website Localization: To optimize the client’s website for multilingual SEO, we employed a localization approach that involved translating and adapting the content for each target language. We ensured the translated content was culturally relevant, accurately conveyed the brand message, and adhered to SEO best practices in each region.

5. On-Page Optimization: Implementing on-page optimization was crucial for each language-specific campaign. We optimized meta tags, headings, URLs, and image alt tags using localized keywords. Additionally, we ensured that the website structure and navigation were language-specific, making it easy for users to find relevant content in their preferred language.

6. Off-Page Optimization: Developing high-quality backlinks is a crucial component of any SEO strategy. For the multilingual SEO campaign, we focused on building language-specific backlinks through outreach to relevant websites, directories, and influencers in each target market. This approach helped improve domain authority and organic visibility in the respective regions.

7. Technical SEO: We conducted a thorough technical SEO audit to identify and rectify any issues that might hinder the website’s performance in different language versions. This included optimizing website loading speed, fixing broken links, implementing hreflang tags, and ensuring proper indexing and crawling of language-specific pages by search engines.

8. Monitoring and Analysis: Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored website performance, organic traffic, rankings, and user engagement metrics across all language versions. This allowed us to assess the impact of the multilingual SEO efforts and make data-driven decisions for ongoing optimization.

9. Results and Impact: The implementation of a comprehensive multilingual SEO strategy yielded significant results for

Results: The combined efforts of the SEO and PPC services yielded impressive results for
1- Organic Traffic Growth: Within six months, organic website traffic increased by 75%, primarily due to improved keyword rankings and enhanced website visibility.
2- Higher Keyword Rankings: Several target keywords achieved top positions on search engine results pages, driving significant organic traffic and increasing the brand’s authority.
3- Increased Conversions: The optimized PPC campaigns resulted in a 30% increase in conversions, contributing to revenue growth for FashionHub Wholesale.
4- Enhanced Brand Visibility: The combined SEO and PPC efforts significantly improved the brand’s online visibility, leading to greater recognition in the wholesale clothing and shoe industry.

Conclusion: A robust SEO and PPC strategy was crucial to’s online success. By optimizing the website for relevant keywords, improving user experience, and strategically running PPC campaigns, the company experienced substantial growth in organic traffic, conversions, and brand awareness. Our ongoing efforts to monitor and optimize the campaign ensured long-term success, solidifying FashionHub Wholesale’s position as a leading wholesale clothing and shoe provider in the online market.